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Simple Question USERNAME
matt811 Simple Question USERNAME
my shell command is set to:

C:\Temp\SillyProgram.exe "%USERNAME%"

however, %USERNAME% is NULL!! When I do a SET command before telnet I can see the CMD user. However, what I really want to get is the user who just logged into telnet. Is there an Env var ref for the user who just logged into the server? I can see them in the log file, etc.

Kroum Grigorov
KTS defines the following env variables:

KTS_HOME=C:\Program Files\KTS -> KTS folder this is usually C:\Program Files\KTS
KTS_IP= -> the client IP address
KTS_PORT=50991 -> the client port number
KTS_USER=user -> the user that is logged in
KTS_VERSION=1.18 -> KTS version



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