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people sometimes can't connect
scott k people sometimes can't connect
Sometimes people cannot connect, looks like it's coming from disconnected sessions (that maybe after they timed out?-- we have a 4 hour time out set)

the only way to let them back in is to go into active-sessions and delete the file (that contains their name and "disconnected")

620 : 2904 2010- 4-13 11: 8:35 417 : 0: login accepted: [ jacks ]

620 : 4052 2010- 4-13 11: 8:35 526 : 0: can't connect pipe kts192.168.45.106_4256

620 : 4052 2010- 4-13 11: 8:35 526 : 0: shutdown session

620 : 776 2010- 4-13 11: 8:35 557 : 0: session.exe end

5448 : 3640 2010- 4-13 10:48:25 990 : 0: login accepted: [ mary ]

5448 : 6108 2010- 4-13 10:48:26 84 : 0: can't connect pipe kts192.9.200.205_2056

5448 : 6108 2010- 4-13 10:48:26 84 : 0: shutdown session

5448 : 3600 2010- 4-13 10:48:26 100 : 0: session.exe end

Kroum Grigorov
Could you check for any .err files in the log folder?
I'm working on mitigating this problem so that the user is not locked out forever, but still can't fing the root of this issue.


scott k
Just checked both systems, there are *no* .err files...

scott k
not sure if it's releated, but another intermittant problem, is people can log in, and get a new session-- but there is another active session out there, which this new session should have reconnected to, but does not

Kroum Grigorov
Is thare any chance that client IP address has changed.
This could explain the new session?


scott k
I've seen it happen when their ip does not change... they are coming from the same local network pc...

remote vpn users do sometime get disconnected, then their ip changes, and they are able to reconnect, I've tested this also-- I can change pc's (ip addresses) and reconnect to my own sessions... so it looks like it's tied to the user only?

however, like I said --occasionally-- you can't reconnect to your own session, even after a few minutes

scott k
a user today again could not *re*-connect to an existing session, the ip address did not change -- it *did* give her a new session however

even waited up to 20 min & tried to reconnect, never could-- ended up killing it

no .err file

Hello Kroum,
I have the same problem reported by scott k (people sometimes can't connect Apr 13 2010 15:20).
I note that sometimes, but not everytime, when the session logs out abnormally the corresponding file in active-sessions folder is not deleted.
As temporary solution I restart the service. Service restart erases active-sessions folder, but this is not an exellent solution to the problem. Have you some suggestion?

Server OS: WINXP sp3

Kroum Grigorov
Could you try replacing your session.exe file with the one from the archive.


Thre are few fixes in there, that should solve the problem with the blocked users.

Just make sure you keep a backup of your original file so that you can restore it back if anything goes wrong with the new one.


scott k
Hi Kroum,

Thanks, I'll roll it out to a few of our customers today to test

ok, running on 3 servers (in production), no problems yet

scott k
cool, what is going on here:

kts_192.168.45.28_61009_3440_zombie_becky@deva1_2010-05-06 08h 22m 37s

scott k
I tried to connect as becky-- I got a new session... so zombies are session's that can't be reconnected to?

Kroum Grigorov
Zombies are sessions that are not running anymore, but the session file wasn't removed from the active-sessions folder.
You can check this by looking for "session.exe" process with PID 3440 (this is from the becky's file) there shouldn't be any, this is what KTS does to mark the "zombie" session files.

These are the sessions that used to block your users, upon reconnect KTS tried to "talk" to the disconnected process and if there wasn't any it hanged locking out the user.


scott k
ok, I understand-- yes, confirmed: PID 3440 does not exist--

scott k
2 zombies so far (on 2 different servers, 1 per server), any idea why session.exe crashes?

Kroum Grigorov
Could you drop me a mail at
I'd like to get some more info on this issue



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