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execution after logout
Max execution after logout
Hi, Kroum
thanks for the great app.
Just curious, is it possible (correctly or not so) to run a program and leave it running when ssh client is logged out. I used ssh windows before and it had such strange feature that allowed this. If I runned a program from command line, it refused to disconnect correctly, but at least the program continued running.



Kroum Grigorov
> run a program and leave it running when ssh client is logged out
You can disable the idle timeout(set idle_timeout=0), then when you disconnect your session (e.g. kill the client without loging out from the server) it will continue to run. You can later reconnect to that session and see the results/interact with your program.
You can use the "runas.exe" utility to start the program detached from your session. In this case you will have no way to interact with your program.


Thanks, runas.exe worked, at least for calc.exe, I think it should also for other apps.

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