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KypM with Wyse winterm?
Mike KypM with Wyse winterm?
I can connect to KpyM server running the telnet server using PuttyTel but I must change the translation to CP620 (Mazovia) for it to display my DOS programs correctly, and this works great.

My question is, I just acquired several WYSE Winterms that can emulate terminals and connect to telnet. I have successfully connected to the KpyM server by using VT100 emulation and ASCI translation, however my arrow keys don't work. When I press the directional keys I get letters, like UP gives me the letter A. Do you know which terminal emulation and translation would be best for KypM to fix this problem? This WYSE thinclient can emulate many different clients like WY50, 50+ V100, IBMxxxx etc, there are many listed, but I'm not sure which one would work best. And it seems to make a difference on which translation I use because when I try one of the ones that say "ISO-" when I load a DOS program that has boxes instead of showing lines it just gives me a bunch of charachaters to outline the boxes instead such as 0 etc.

Thanks for any suggestions!

Kroum Grigorov
>When I press the directional keys ...
The direction keys depend on your terminal emulation, VT100+ should work fine, also you might try VT200 or Linux(if this exists), these all should work fine. If you can't find an emulation that works for you, could you contact me at

>...DOS program that has boxes instead of showing ...
Since CP620 works fine in Putty try using the same translation in your device, keep in mind that this might not work if the device, does not have the right fonts installed(it might translate the characters correctly but lack the fonts to display them on screen)
If your device supports UTF-8, you might try to use this translation instead, check this thread for more info:
(skip point 3, you do not need to replace the utf-8.ini file)



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