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compiling from source
HML compiling from source
How do you compile from source?
What do you need to compile from source?

I tried to just gcc or g++ the cpp files and it returned tons of errors.

I'm using the source of the latest version - 1.13

Kroum Grigorov
I use Visual C++ toolkit 2003 together with Microsoft® Platform SDK to compile binaries, these both are free to download from MS website. The project file is created with VC++ Express IDE, that is also available to download from MS website.

The .hxx and .h files are all included in the three main .cpp files term.cpp, term-ssh.cpp and telnetd.cpp. To compile the binaries manually you have to:
1) adjust include folder options
2) compile the three object files term.obj, term-ssh.obj and telnetd.obj
3) link the object files with cryptllib .lib file (cl32.lib, you can find it in the source directory)
4) at runtime the binaries will need cl32.dll for cryptlib functions( find it also in the source directory )


Thanks a lot!!

if anyone needs...

VC++7 to VC++6 project conveter

Microsoft Visual C++ Toolkit 2003

Windows® Server 2003 SP1 Platform SDK

Actually, I don't recommend using the project converter. It gave me trouble and have to correct quite a lot of environment issues.

Use Visual C++ 2005 Express instead

Kroum Grigorov
Just one comment:
The libraries that come with Visual C++ 2005 Express are little buggy (at least they were few months ago ), you can check my [url=l0c41://]blog[/url] on stringstream memory leak bug.
I can recommend to use it as IDE only, and to parameter it to use Visual C++ Toolkit 2003 compiler and libraries.

Sander VC2003 toolkit no longer available?

I just tried to download the 2003 toolkit but it appears to no longer be available, forcing you to download 2005 express.


Kroum Grigorov
Yes, it seems 2003 toolkit is not available anymore.
Unfortunately I can do nothing to help here, you will have to either use 2005 express (hoping MS fixed most of its bugs) or find 2003 toolkit from somewhere else or try using another compiler.
There used to be free borland c++ compiler that I used for building previous KTS versions and it worked well but you are on your own using it as it might require some minor changes in code.



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