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login trouble
gesan login trouble
Hey. I just installed Kpym as a ssh server on windows xp.

It installed fine. When I try to connect using PuTTY I get the following error:

Server unexpectedly closed network connection

Here is my KpyM log file:

1256 : 1884 2009-12- 5 4:19:46 559 : 0: sock.Listen( 22 ):err

My firewall is turned off and my router is forwarding the correct port (22). I've got an ftp and web server running correctly on this machine.

I've also tried increasing my io timeout and the pass timeout, but my connections are fast. I log into my ftp server instantly.

Thanks for your help!

Oh, to describe what happens when I try to connect with putty,
nothing happens, at all. It brings up the black screen like it's going to connect, then no text pops up at all. Not even the text that I've seen described where you wait for it to count down from 5.

I can connect to other machines with ssh using this putty client, and as mentioned above, I've already forwarded all the ports and everything.


Kroum Grigorov
> sock.Listen( 22 ):err

This usually indicates that port 22 is in use by another application and can not be opened by KTS. Check if you have another ssh daemon running, if you have one stop it and then restart the KTS service.
Also you can change the KTS port to say 9022(or another unused port) and then use this new port to connect to your KTS host, instead the default one(22).


That did the trick. My ftp server was listening to port 22. Works great now. Thanks!


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