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Clear Screen Problems
Kai Clear Screen Problems
I experience some problems with clearing the screen. I have to use a VT220 console program, which accesses the server via WLAN. There I have a C# written console application which shall be accessed. Both within the C# application but also with the dos prompt and "cls" command - the screen temporarily does not refresh completely. Do you have any idea what the reason can be? I configured the export code page in telnet.ini to be the same in the console and server. The console offers an option of 7 or 8 bit VT emulation. The problem occurs in both, though. Any help is appreciated.

Kroum Grigorov
You can try to change these settings in kts.ini file:

1) set buff_height=0, this will disable the scroll back buffer
2) set these parameters to your clients default screen width/height:
screen_width=<set your client default screen width>
screen_height=<set your client default screen height>


Do you have any news on that issue, I have the same problem, and would need to have the buffer activated. is there a patch available?

Kroum Grigorov
> is there a patch available
No, and for the moment I do not plan to to investigate this issue in the near future


It seems that setting buff_height =0 does not set it to 0 actually - the buffer is present (and all consequentive limitations also)

Use Mode command in alluser.bat file to set the screen size as shown below:

mode con cols=80 lines=24


This doesn't work for setting width to more than 150 chars, buffer is still ON.

Kroum Grigorov
You can't set screen width to more than 150 chars, there's an internal limit.
This will be increased in one of the next versions.



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