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batch restart or scheduled restart?
U G batch restart or scheduled restart?
Hi there,

how is it possible to shutdown and restart the kpym telnet server with a simple command?

Checking if the service is really started would be really helpfull too.

I got a server side software running, which isnt' correctly terminated by itself... So sometimes i gotta restart kpym telnet to make this buggy backend workable again.
So I thought it would be nice to do this once a night by the scheduler.

Thanks a lot



Kroum Grigorov
You can restart the KTS service by running these commands:

"c:\Program Files\KTS\daemon.exe" -stop
"c:\Program Files\KTS\daemon.exe" -start

-- or using the net.exe tool --

net stop "KpyM Telnet SSH Server v1.18"
net start "KpyM Telnet SSH Server v1.18"

To automate the restart you can group the commands in a batch file and schedule it to be executed by the windows sheduler during the night hours. You can have a look at this article on how to schedule a task in windows



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