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ANSI Colours in Welcome Message
Salem Fuchs ANSI Colours in Welcome Message
Hello, I just found this useful programme last night and have been playing with the settings to see if I could get a Telnet server setup.

My question is, how can I setup ANSI colours in my custom welcome message? I have already written a new welcome message, but I want to add colours to the text so it isn't just black and white anymore.

I already know how to change the colours in a batch file for when I have already logged in. Thank you for your advice, and depending on how well this works out, I will be purchasing a key. :)


Kroum Grigorov
You cant, the welcome message is dumped o the screen as is and you can not control the colors.
The best you can do is to add new color "welcome message" in your "allusers.bat" file and this will be displayed after the user logs in.



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