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Supported functions?
Yan Supported functions?

I would like to know what is currently supported concerning server port forwarding features? Static forwarding (useful to tunnel VNC 59xx ports for instance) seems supported, but what about dynamic (i.e. SSH server also acting as a Socks proxy, using ssh client -D flag, allowing use by almost any network application that does not natively support crypto)?

I would like to avoid installing some big stuff like cygwin (size, bad integration with windows users authentication scheme that caused pb when trying CopSSH...) or a coLinux...

This lightweight implementation of SSH well integrated in windows may clearly fill a big hole in Microsoft OSes: this is a pity not to provide this!

Concerning security, on top of strong password practice, I've not been able to find issues related to libcrypto base... is it widely used? Have it proved as robust as openSSH for instance?


Kroum Grigorov
> server port forwarding features
Only local port forwarding is supported.

>concerning security
KTS uses Peter Gutmann's cryptlib library
There's a pretty active mailing list and so far I have not heard of any critical issues with this library.

Thanks for your answers!



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