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Running windows XP I have a mapped network drive hosting dos files. I have mapped the drive to the letter R: and can access it locally in a CMD window, however when I connect using KpyM Telnet or SSH and try to change to that drive letter, I get the following message "The system cannot find the drive specified." I also tryed using the SUBST command to change it to a different drive letter but I still get the same message. Any help on how I can access the mapped drive via Telnet/SSH ? THANKS!

Kroum Grigorov
You have to remap your network drive from inside your telnet/ssh session with the "net use" command.
You can check these topics:

Lucas Hotham edu
Many networks are still using the Windows XP to operate the all drive form the host side and they don?t get any issues to use it. They hire some expert and provided the to all their past users to make them easy.

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