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KpyM Telnet/SSH Server v1.18 Released!
Kroum Grigorov KpyM Telnet/SSH Server v1.18 Released!
What's new:

[b:0e6c8d739c]many sftp bug fixes[/b:0e6c8d739c] - there are many sftp fixes in this release. Sftp implementation is far from perfect yet, but KTS should work now with more sftp clients (bitvise tunelier/cuteftp/expandrive/?).

[b:0e6c8d739c]built against cryptlib 3.3.2[/b:0e6c8d739c] - this version is built against the 3.3.2 version of Peter Gutmann's cryptlib library

[b:0e6c8d739c]minor bug fixes[/b:0e6c8d739c] - some minor bugs were fixed

Click [url=l0c41://]here[/url] to get KTS v1.18



Whats the easiest method to keep the current settings while doing the update ?


Kroum Grigorov
1) Make a backup of "c:\program files\kts" folder - this is just in case something goes wrong and you need to restore the previous version
2) Uninstall your current kts version
3) Install kts 1.18
4) use a text file diff application(I use WinMerge for ex) to compare the "kts.ini" file from your backup with the one from the new installation. Go through the changes and transfer your [b:e6339be93a]custom[/b:e6339be93a] settings to the new "kts.ini" file, these should be relatively easy to spot.
5) In case that you have custom login scripts, copy your custom login scripts from the backup to the new installation
6) Restart the kts service

If something goes wrong you can revert to your previous version by:
1) Uninstall kts 1.18
2) Reinstall your current version
3) Stop the kts service
4) Overwrite the kts folder with the kts folder from your backup
5) Start the kts service

In case you have problems with the update post them here and I will try to help


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