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Only one Session per Login-Name
Coyote Only one Session per Login-Name

is it possible to configure KpyM so it's accepting only one session per username? So, let's say the system knows two usernames


if user1 is logged in and user1 tries to log into a second session, he should get something like 'already logged in' or simply be droped out of the line...?

The Problem is, that there is an application installed which doesn't check the username itself. So, if you log in two times, data can be mixed up or you hit unexpectly each others database tables... I know it's not really ill conceived, but so it is sometimes with commercial software ;-(

By the way, I am really looking forward do register your server.;-)



Kroum Grigorov
You can't limit this directly using the KTS parameters.
However you can change the login script in the "\KTS\scripts\allusers.bat" file so that it checks if your program is already started by the user.

For example this will tell you if the logged in user has running "notepad" process

@echo off
tasklist /fi "username eq %KTS_USER%" | find "notepad" > Nul
if ERRORLEVEL 1 goto end
echo running

You can easily adapt this to look for your program and to make "exit" whenever your program is running.



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