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to pay or not to pay
Ben Hill to pay or not to pay
Our company needs to get a Telnet server and client applications (along with several data terminals/scanners) in order to implement the inventory module of a software package we are purchasing. The company recommends Georgia Softworks Telnet Server. However, I had a glimpse of the client application (very much in the dark on a lot of this) and it it appears to be an extremely simple, no-frills command-line application no more than 12 lines of 20 characters. I would expect the KpyM product would have no trouble with it, and I expect it wouldn't matter what kind of Telnet client was on the data terminals, either. So if it's a fair question, why would they recommend Georgia Softworks if it costs 10 times as much?

Kroum Grigorov
> why would they recommend Georgia Softworks if it costs 10 times as much?

I guess Georgia Softworks Server has more features than KTS and probably they could provide you better customer support.
On the other hand if you just need basic telnet server, KpyM server might work fine for you and as it comes with complete source code you could allways find someone else to hack through it.

If you can borrow one of your terminals/scanners I can recommend you to test it against both(or even few more) telnet serves and see which one will work best for you.

Just one final note, if you will use KpyM server with terminals/scanners it is a good idea to set allow_disconnected_sessions=0, small devices do not play well with this option set as the "connect to session" dialog might look confusing on small screen.



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