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Cant telnet to server
Shri Cant telnet to server
I just installed KPM server 1.17.
When I try to connect using standard windows telnet client, it doesn't return me any prompt.
I checked th log, but it just says:
14640 :14856 2009- 6-15 18:58:17 218 : 0: daemon.exe started

14640 :14908 2009- 6-15 18:58:17 234 : 0: starting service

When I try to telnet with the service stopped, it returns immediately saying:
C:\Users\Administrator>telnet scalar
Connecting To scalar...Could not open connection to the host, on port 23: Connect failed

But when I try connecting after starting the service, it just hangs there without giving me any prompt.

Thanks for help in adv.

Kroum Grigorov
There are few steps to troubleshoot KpyM service connection problems

1) uninstall and then reinstall KTS, this is to make sure that you have all parameters set back to default. KTS will work with its default parameters no need to change them unless you need some tweaks.
2) check your firewall if it is not blocking the connection port, these are TELNET 23 -or- SSH 22
3) check your antivirus if this is not blocking the KTS service
4) if you can connect in your LAN/local machine but not on the Internet configure your router.

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