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Getting rid of the "unregistered" notice
mgoldish Getting rid of the "unregistered" notice

We're considering KpyM for use in an automated testing framework. We run an ssh client from a pseudo terminal that doesn't understand any ANSI/VT100 escape codes, so the 'unregistered' notice appears completely incomprehensible (it looks something like this: '\x1b[22m\x1b[37m\x1b[25m\x1b[40m\x1b[1;1f\x1b[0J\x1b[3;1f\r\n\x1b[1;1f\x1b[0J\x1b[-475;1f'). This makes it difficult for us to recognize the message.
My question is -- is it OK if we modify the source code to eliminate the notice, and distribute our own modified version as part of the automated testing framework? Does KpyM's license permit that?

Thank you very much.

Kroum Grigorov
Yep, feel free to modify and distribute as you wish.
KTS is developed under [url=l0c41://]BSD[/url] license that's much relaxed


I have a similar situation:

But i don't understand, how remove this characters.
What is function i need modify in source code?


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