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ExpandDrive does not work
Arnaud ExpandDrive does not work

I am trying to get ExpanDrive (formerly SFTPDrive) to work with the KpyM SSH server. They seem to connect fine, but when I want to open the created drive (ExpanDrive will create a Windows Drive per SSH connection, allowing you to browse your files as if they are on your computer directly), ExpanDrive says that the "Drive is inaccessible - The Directory Name is invalid". It works fine with other Linux ssh servers though. Also I am logging with an administrator account.

Do you have any experience with that software - if not, how can I help debugging that issue.


Kroum Grigorov
The current SFTP implementation is pretty basic and somewhat buggy.
I've been testing the SFTP module mainly against PuTTY's psftp and it should work good enough with this client.
Any other SFTP client might work or not work, as in your case.
I've started working on fixing sftp module but it goes really slow mainly because I lack enough free time. I'll have a look at ExpanDrive problem but really can't tell when.



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