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NT4 installation failed
Henry Markov NT4 installation failed
I have a freshly installed NT4 system that is updated through SP6 and other downloads from Windows Update. I downloaded kts117.exe (Windows installer) from the official site but it would not successfully install. Using the Administrator account I selected the telnet server at port 23. I got a message box popup:
C:\Program Files\KTS\daemon.exe is not a valid Windows NT application.
After dismissing this popup it immediately appeared 2 more times and afterward the installer said that the application had been successfully installed however I cannot telnet to the system and per netstat -a there is no listener on port 23. Per the FAQ I tried the command "telnetd.exe -start" on the server machine but that program name was not recognized.

Kroum Grigorov
Just checked this and KTS 1.17 will NOT run on Windows NT 4.0
This is because [url=l0c41://]Visual Studio 2008 can not create applications that support Windows NT Server 4.0[/url]
I think the KTS source can still be compiled to run on Windows NT 4.0 using another compiler, but currently I do not have the time to maintain another KTS build.
You can try one of the [url=l0c41://]older KTS versions[/url] or you can try to compile KTS sources yourself.



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