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NT4 installation failed
Henry Markov NT4 installation failed
I have a freshly installed NT4 system that is updated through SP6 and other downloads from Windows Update. I downloaded kts117.exe (Windows installer) from the official site but it would not successfully install. Using the Administrator account I selected the telnet server at port 23. I got a message box popup:
C:\Program Files\KTS\daemon.exe is not a valid Windows NT application.
After dismissing this popup it immediately appeared 2 more times and afterward the installer said that the application had been successfully installed however I cannot telnet to the system and per netstat -a there is no listener on port 23. Per the FAQ I tried the command "telnetd.exe -start" on the server machine but that program name was not recognized.

Kroum Grigorov
Just checked this and KTS 1.17 will NOT run on Windows NT 4.0
This is because Visual Studio 2008 can not create applications that support Windows NT Server 4.0
I think the KTS source can still be compiled to run on Windows NT 4.0 using another compiler, but currently I do not have the time to maintain another KTS build.
You can try one of the older KTS versions or you can try to compile KTS sources yourself.



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