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Telnet brack down
joachim Telnet brack down
Hello *,
we installed the KpyM Telnet v1.17 and it really works very good.

But there is one issue unexplainable:
we work with mobile RF-terminals and always when one user take off the battery then all telnet sessions break down! I can't find the bug.

I hope someone can help me;

thanks for helpful answers

Kroum Grigorov
> then all telnet sessions break down!
Can you give more details.
Does every other RF-terminal gets disconnected?
Can you reconnect back to your KTS host, or you need to restart the KTS service or something?
Are there any errors in the log folder?
Is there somthing in the KTS log file(kts-log.txt) ?
If you prefer we can discuss this by email, just mail me at



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