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logs off right after connecting
Reegz logs off right after connecting
After setting KpyM for SSH I am unable to connect to the shell

I am able to login and after the nag screen goes away (when count down ends) I am prompted to hit any key. When I do so it simply says logoff and then putty closes.

I am able to connect to SFTP

Kroum Grigorov
This usually means that KTS can not start the shell command (that's cmd.exe by default)
If you have made some custom changes to KTS params there's a good chance that some param is misconfigured, if this is the case you can uninstall KTS then reinstall it and check if KTS works.

If this is a fresh install with no customizations, than this might be a problem coming from some antivirus/firewall software. There are many "aggressive" av/firewalls that request the user to explicitly comfirm if a program can be started. You can check this by completely stopping your av/firewall for a while and check if this will solve the problem. If this works than you should look for a way to tell your av/firewall that KTS is a safe app.



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