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change the telnet user's home directory.
Marek change the telnet user's home directory.
Dear KpyM team,

I would like to change the Kpym's user's home directory based on user id (or IP/MAC address) For example I'll have three users1/2/3 so in scripts folder I would have three scripts users1.bat, user2.bat and user3.bat. In that file I assume to have something like:

set KpyM_home_dir=c:\userx
CD c:\userx

assuming that each user will use it's own application from his own home directory. The application I run is set in kts.ini file as:

shell_command =%COMSPEC% /K "program.exe"

Can it be done some way? Or is it better way to do that?

Many Thanks for your time

Kroum Grigorov
For terminal sessions, you can do this:
1) remove the line "cd %USERPROFILE%" from scripts\allusers.bat
2) create your userX.bat files with just this line "cd c:\userX"

You do not need to change the shell_command parameter or any KpyM environment variable.

Note that this will NOT work for sftp sessions. For sftp you will have to change directly your users' %USERPROFILE% variable -or- create a per user environment variable with the folder path and place it in sftp_root parameter.



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