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auto logout - timing
udo auto logout - timing
we're using the telnet server in a configuration with teklogix terminals (rf-guns) to connect to sap in a production environment

now we found that there seems to be some kind of "timeout" in the sessions

is this "configurable" ?

we'd like to turn it off - the reconnect of the rf-guns takes to long for efficient work in a production environment

Kroum Grigorov
Yes, there is default "idle timeout" set to 5 minutes. If the server detects that the session is not used(no imput from the client) for more than 5 min it will disconnect the session.

You can disable this by setting the parameter idle_timeout = 0 using the console kts setup -or- you can change this directly in c:\program files\kts\kts.ini file


Thanks for your help

Nick Monroe
Works great with connection persistence software:

Sascha Schickler
Psion Teklogix offers a comserver session persistance solution.
You can install a software on a windows machine. Or use the Minicontroller option in one of your Psion Teklogix Access points type 9150 or 9160.
The Minicontroller or PC Commserver software communicates with your KPYM. The wireless devices communicate to the Minicontroller
or PC Commserver. The minicontroller or PC CommServer acts like a sesion persistent middleware. They buffer all unexpected session losses due to battery problems, Wifi issues, Rebooting of wireless
computers. After a reboot of the Psion Teklogix wireless computer
the operator just come back in the screen he saw before the reboot. Since the CommServer has kept to session open between
itself and the KPYM telnet Server. So operators don't need to login
bur can continue to work.


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