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client can't connect
server as sftp client can't connect

Thanks for your work!

I am trying to sftp access a WindowsXP with PyM SSH Server(1.17) up and running.

If I use Filezilla,it works great.
But if I use sftp client such as FTPRush or CuteFtp,it can't work.
It seems ssh handshake can't be completed.
The log is:
KTS connected to
session.exe started
connected to
ssh initialized
can't read login
password timeout
shutdown timeout

Please, could you help me with this issue? Thanks!

Kroum Grigorov
KTS is tested to work with just few sftp clients mainly putty-psftp and Filezilla(I think this is also based on psftp code).
I'm planning to take a look at the KTS sftp compatability in the next release, but currently I can't tell when I will have enough free time for this.

In short KTS should work fine with putty-psftp, Filezilla, and probably few other telnet clients.
It might or might not work with other clients as in your case.
For the moment there is nothing to do except to wait for the next release.



Thanks for the response.
I will try the next release.



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