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Problem to log into KTS
Orje Problem to log into KTS
It seems that KTS donÒ‘t reconize my WinXP login name and/or password then I try to logon (I use telnet).
Is it possible to set your own username and password in KTS? Or is it a way to fix my problem.

KTS v1.12a


Kroum Grigorov
To log in you have to use your WinXP login and password.
If your computer is in domain then you have to use your full login name ( ex. usernam@DOMAIN ).

The last reason that I can think of is if there are some non english characters in your username or password. In that case they won't be transferred correctly as KTS currently supports only english characters.

Don James Can't login to ssh server

I am running winddows 2000.

I can't log in to the kpym ssh server. I get the message, "Permission denied, please try again."

What am I going wrong?


Don James


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