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connect KPYM from outside
dcd connect KPYM from outside
Hi All,

Pls help me I had logon Kpym in lan ok but when i connect from outside to Kpym over ISA(server publist rule) it be disconnected automatically. kts.log like this:
KTS connected to ...(ip:port)
session.exe started
Connected to ...(ip:port)
shutdown session
session.exe end

Kroum Grigorov
From the Kpym server point of view there is no difference wether you are in the LAN or you are connecting outside of the LAN.

What you can do is to choose one account that works fine in your LAN and try it from outside. if the account works "locally" than it is OK and it should work from outside too.
If you have verified this then you should look at your firewall/proxy(I believe this is your ISA). If possible make a test connecting your Kpym host directly to the internet thus evading your proxy/firewall, if this scenario works than the problem is definitely in your proxy/firewall settings.



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