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vt100 mode & cursor keys
David vt100 mode & cursor keys
I have tried various ways to get up / down key etc to work when I telnet to a network server running v1.17 then telnet on to another comms device. The MS telnet only works if I type telnet device-name and then I cannot change to VT 100 mode to use cursor keys. Is there a keyboard mapping or other way to achieve this.

Kroum Grigorov
I don't think you can set term mode in ms telnet client.
You might want to try some of the other telnet client available out there


Thanks for that. I tried all above.
A) While FortessSSHClientSuite worked best it was not fee $99 per copy. I have successfully used the consoletelnet s\w but needed to make various changes to telnet.ini file supplied to customise for our site and telneting to cisco switches \ routers.
The other two had limitations.

B) The MS Telnet can be configured to VT100 by issuing set term vt100 from within telnet appln (ie from MS Telnet> prompt). However when you use KTS issuing the 'telnet ip-addr' command is fine but issuing 'telnet' just hangs so you can't get to set the terminal mode.


Kroum Grigorov
> issuing 'telnet' just hangs
:) it looks like the ms telnet client is switching console buffers or something and this confuses the KpyM Server.
I'll have a look at this somewhere in the future.

I just found that there's a -t switch that you can use to set the term type from the command line
Could you try if this will work with your cisco devices?


I checked the -t switch , this works on XP or later Microsoft OS, unfortunately we are using a Windows 2000 server and this feature is not available. However we are using the consoletelnet which works OK but one feature does not work thru the KypM telnet server that requires an 'ALT' key plus and other keyboard character. Pressing the two keys results in a 'beep' and no character or action generated. Can we enable the ALT key thru KpyM?

Kroum Grigorov
> Can we enable the ALT key thru KpyM?
Most telnet clients do not understand the ALT+ combos, but you can remap your frequently used ALT+ combos to CTRL+ combos.
For example if you need ALT+P to work this can be remaped to CTRL+P, so when the telnet user presses CTRL+P the server will generate ALT+P on the host.

Can you mail me at and I will prepare the changes in the ini file to remap the key comboes.

You can have a look at this thread for more info



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