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must type a password for KPyM telnet
nick from the Netherlands must type a password for KPyM telnet
For Telnet sessions I have to fill in a password. In a previous topic 2007 I read you can use an emty password?

This is not working at this moment.

2) Also the default_user= autologin and password= ---- in .ini file will not work.

nick from the Netherlands
find info on Your blog for question 2. Thanks

for user nick with password test in kpym.ini file
default_user= nick


nick from the Netherlands

Can you confirm that one can not use an empty password in a telnet session. My windows XP passwordlenghth is 0.


Kroum Grigorov
> Can you confirm that one can not use an empty password in a telnet session

You CAN use empty password in TELNET sessions.
You CAN NOT use empty password in SSH sessions.

If you have some security concerns you can have a look at the [url=l0c41://]allowed_login_list[/url] and [url=l0c41://]forbiden_login_list[/url] parameters


nick from the Netherlands
How to enter a blank password in ini?


Still not working.

Kroum Grigorov
What exactly are you trying to do?
There might be an easier way than entering blank password :)


nick from the Netherlands
PC's are used as videoplayers running in sync. A control system will force pc's to shutdown at 17:00. The Belgium program powerdown will do the job on port 3210 with script :
action powerdown

It seems that the program shutdown.exe ( not the windows command shutdown) can do this also . To test we use kpym. Never used passwords in windows. Using the command controluserpasswords2 one can set windows to autologin.

But to use kpym we have to introduce a password in windows. No way to get it working without. So any help

Kroum Grigorov
If you will need KpyM service just to shutdown your PCs, I do not think that KpyM is the right tool to use. I would set a password to your user and then just use one of the shutdown tools available.

Anyway if you still would like to use the KpyM service here are few things that can be done.

1) you can not set blank password in default_pass, blank password here menas that no password was supplied. So this will not work.

2) you can use any telnet scripting tool to connect to your PC, login and then execute the shutdown command. When asked for password just make the script hit enter, this will do the work.

3) you can use the [url=l0c41://]Console Scripting Tool[/url]with this script:
SEND telnet user-pc\n
WAIT login
SEND test\n
WAIT password
SEND shutdown -f -s -t 0\n
SEND exit\n
SEND exit\n

This will connect to the telnet host then type the login hit enter for no password and then execute "shutdown -f -s -t 0" that will force the machine to shutdown

I'll say it again, if you will use KpyM service only to shutdown remotely your PCs, I do not think this is a good idea. I would go for a shutdown tool even if I would have to set password to the PCs account.


nick from the Netherlands

Lucky that I'am using the AMX high level script language for controlunits.

Sending to Kpym server:

IP_CLIENT_OPEN (client.port,'', 3211, 1)
TIMED_WAIT_UNTIL(flag) send_string client,"10"

Feedback from Kpym server:

{STRING: if(FIND_STRING(data.text,'Press any',1)) on{flag]


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