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KpyM Telnet/SSH Server v1.17 Released!
Kroum Grigorov KpyM Telnet/SSH Server v1.17 Released!
What's new:

[b:6d9924c54c]sftp bug fixes[/b:6d9924c54c] - FileZilla should work now

[b:6d9924c54c]ssh port forwarding[/b:6d9924c54c] - I've added a limited ssh port forward support.
You can enable/disable this by the key
[KSession] : allow_port_forwarding

[b:6d9924c54c]autoreconnect disconnected session[/b:6d9924c54c] - KTS will reconnect automatically to your disconnected session, if there's only one disconnected session. This was discussed here in the forum.
You can enable/disable this by
[KSession] : auto_reconnect_session

[b:6d9924c54c]pipe output mode[/b:6d9924c54c] - this could be useful if you use KTS with automated scripts (such as expect for example). This will tell KTS to use pipes instead the normal screen export, resulting in a predictible output that should be easier to script.
You can enable/disable this by:
[KSession] : pipe_mode

[b:6d9924c54c]change expired passwords[/b:6d9924c54c] - you can change your expired password from KTS now
Note the "domain server" parameter you should type there your domain server -or- leave this blank if your account is not a domain account.

Click [url=l0c41://]here[/url] to get KTS v1.17



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