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How to hange default dir How to hange default dir
After login, I need to make sure that everytime I connect to the telnet server, it goes to a specified application directory instead of C:\Program Files\KTS. How can I do this. Please advise. Thanks.

Michael Karami

Kroum Grigorov
You can use the login scripts for that.
If you need that behaviour for all users change KTS\scripts\allusers.bat file.
For example adding the lines :
cd g:\my_folder
will posision every user in g:\my_folder upon connection.

If you need specific folders for specific users you can create user login scripts by creating them in KTS\scripts\<username>.bat

And just a note, the user's login scripts are executed immediately after the execution of "allusers.bat" script

Trevor directories
is there a way to limit the person to a pecific directory?

i tried the script, with net use c: c:\home\%username%
but this just returns an error. any thoughts?

Kroum Grigorov
KTS is just a wrapper around the native windows command prompt.
There is no way to restrict users from KTS, instead you should use the native Windows security mechanism. One solution is to create restricted Windows user that has access to only specific folder and use that user to log in KTS.

If KTS is just a wrapper around the native windows command prompt (which it appears to be everywhere I have looked), then why can't I write a allusers.bat with


and end up in my windows user directory? It should work, KTS uses %comspec% to call the console... but none of the env variables seem to work. What am I missing?

Kroum Grigorov
Good point :)

Actually KTS does not load User Profile when starting windows command prompt thus only System Environment Variables are loaded.

I will consider fixing this in the next KTS release.



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