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why my edit appear stranger ??
maxmex why my edit appear stranger ??

my edit on winxo looks terrible !!!

and my dataflex apps doesnt display the screens correct ??

Why ?

Any idea ??


Kroum Grigorov
Can you give some more details ?
What do you mean by "looks terrible" ?

You can send me a screenshot at

maxmex Sorry !!

all the caracters ascii are displayed wrong ??

And all screen on my programs (dataflex) appears strange....

well,... see this snapshot !!


any idea ?
some help ?

Kroum Grigorov
This problem appears when Server and Client code page is different.
By default KTS uses code page 437, to have the characters displayed correctly you have to set your client to work in cp437 too.
For example you can do that in PuTTY by setting Window>Translation>Received data... to CP437, obviously it is different for other telnet clients.

If you have UTF-8 enabled telnet client, I think most linux clients are but I might be wrong, you can parameter KTS to use UTF-8 code page by setting in telnet.ini file the parameter export_code_page to 65001.

Tell me if that helps.



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