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chinese filename
test chinese filename
when I login to windows2000,I send the command 'dir',the chinese filename can't to display correct,It's only display '?????'.
How to correct this problem?

Kroum Grigorov
By default KTS exports characters using code page 437. Any character that is not in cp437 will be exported as '?'.
Although KTS is not tested in chinese environment, you can try to do the following; In telnet.ini file set export_code_page parameter to 65001. It will force KTS to export characters using UTF-8 code page.
If this does not work for you you can try to set export_code_page to chinese code page. You can check codepage numbers [url=l0c41://]here[/url].

Note that you will have to parameter your telnet client to accept the incoming characters as UTF-8 ( or as chinese code page )

And final note, although you could see extended characters you can not type them. For the moment only english characters are supported.

Here is a screenshot of PuTTY showing cyrilic characters after KTS and PuTTY itself, being configured to use UTF-8:



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