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Slow keyboard response
Johan Slow keyboard response

In version 1.10 it was possible to handle the input in block-mode, what was very fast. However function keys didnt work then.

Now in 1.16 the blockmode is gone, and keyboard input response is very slow, but function keys work well.

What is happening ?

Kroum Grigorov
1.10 was released three years ago, if I recall corectly there used to be limited "telnet line mode" support(i might be wrong about this term).
This just disappeared during the years as there was not much need of it, plus later there was a major rewrite of KTS core.

> keyboard input response is very slow
You can try to decrease refresh_delay parameter and see if this will make response faster for you.


I agree with at least one thing--logging into a localhost kts telnetd for some reason is far slower than a console locally.


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