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Non-installer download?
Simon Tatham Non-installer download?
Can I suggest that you offer a download of at least the source code for this software which isn't wrapped in a Windows-executable installer?

One of the reasons why somebody might want to download a program's source code would be so they could review it and then compile it themselves, and therefore be sure that they weren't running a binary that might have been tampered with. This doesn't work if you have to run a binary to get the source code in the first place, because you're back to the same problem with _that_ binary. Such people would have to resort to heavyweight solutions such as running the installer on a throwaway virtual machine.

If you provided a zip file alongside the installer download, it would make life much easier.

(It also means that somebody who just wants to read the source code for education without compiling it can't conveniently do so if they're sitting at something other than a Windows box. But there probably aren't very many people like that.)

Kroum Grigorov
OK, I'll add a zip with the source code only, starting from the next release.



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