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Ricardo RodrГ­guez sftp access
Hi all,

I am trying to sftp access a WindowsXP box with PyM SSH Server up and running.

ssh works great, but I am not able to navigate the file tree with the clients I've tried. Namely, Filezilla (Windows) and Fetch (Mac).

Filezilla reads the Windows home directory of the loged user, and Fetch systematically gives an error saying that the requested item is not a folder.

Please, could you help me with this issue? Thanks!

Kroum Grigorov
That's not good. KTS used to work with older Filezilla versions but there's some problem with the latest Filezilla. I'm planing the next KTS release somewhere at the end of September and I'll try to fix this in that release.


Thanks for your reply, Kroum,

I will try the next release and post back about this issue.

Thanks for your work!




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