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KTS 1.16b - how big is it really?
martchou KTS 1.16b - how big is it really?

can you please check the file size of kts116.exe?

The web-site say "file size : 1.48 MB (1 559 749 bytes)"
, but download is 2217127 byte big.

Kaspersky an Avira anti-virus program finds adware in setup file kts116.exe:

Message from Kaspersky: Adware
Message from Avira: Dropper DR/Altnet.AG


Kroum Grigorov
The size on the web page was wrong, just fixed it, it is really 2.11 MB (2 217 127 bytes).

I guess Kaspersky an Avira are complaining about shlex.exe program, it has a false positive for some of the AV softwares.


hm, Kaspersky and Avira complain only about the kts116.exe, but no more after the application was installed:
[gefunden==found, Datei=file]
gefunden: Adware
gefunden: Adware

Can we trust the application, which generated the kts116.exe?


Kroum Grigorov
Digging deeper in this issue, Kaspersky is flagging the cl32.dll file. This is the cryptlib library used for the SSH crypto. This is not an adware.

The same file is OK for Norton, F-secure and TrendMicro.


Kroum Grigorov
FYI, Mike Kinney emailed me that symantec is flagging cl32.dll as adware:

Looks like a new antivirus definitions caught this dll and removes it.

You don't know about it until you re-boot the box.

When it tries to start you get an error "Error 1053".


Hope that helps another user.

By the way, it only got triggered on *some* of the servers, not all. Dunno why.

We've been using the 1.16.02 and it works pretty well.


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