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New feature, autoreconnect
Michael New feature, autoreconnect
One feature that I think might be useful is the ability to set a flag for an auto reconnect to session.

The way this would work is that instead of the screen where you are normally given the option of which session to connect to, it would auto connect to the last running session.

Kroum Grigorov
This sounds interesting, but I would suggest to reconnect automatically only if there's exactly ONE disconnected session for this user(or else bring up the current option if there are more than one disconnected sessions).
What do you think of this?

I could add this in the next "major" release, this is coming within two or three months.


I think that way would be useful as well. What I was originally thinking was a server system setting, something like autoreconnect the most recent session. But in most cases there only would be one session anyways so I think that would work.

Kroum Grigorov
Ok, I'll add this in the next release.



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