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KpyM Telnet in a production environment?
mellerbeck KpyM Telnet in a production environment?
I have been very pleased with KpyM Telnet server and been running it very stable for a few months. Getting ready to 'sell' it to the boss. Anyone running this in production? any gotchas to watch out for? Once again I think it works very well.

Kroum Grigorov
There are few tips that can make KTS more stable:

1) If you do not need disconnected sessions disable them. This would free valuable computer resources.

2) if you can afford this, it is a good idea to restart the KTS service every night(when noone is using it). This will do two things:
- restart the daemon process, thus freeing any leaked resources(there are no leaks that I'm aware of, but one can never be sure)
- kill every running sessions, thus freeing the used resources.

3) If you plan to use it for more than [url=l0c41://]100[/url] simultanous connections, you will probably hit some of the OS limitations.
There are currently two issues that I know of:
- There's a memory restriction -> [url=l0c41://]The non-interactive desktop heap may run out of memory if many processes are created[/url]
- There's a socket restriction -> [url=l0c41://]A Windows Sockets implementation may have a limit on the number of applications that can use it simultaneously[/url]

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