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KpyM Telnet in a production environment?
mellerbeck KpyM Telnet in a production environment?
I have been very pleased with KpyM Telnet server and been running it very stable for a few months. Getting ready to 'sell' it to the boss. Anyone running this in production? any gotchas to watch out for? Once again I think it works very well.

Kroum Grigorov
There are few tips that can make KTS more stable:

1) If you do not need disconnected sessions disable them. This would free valuable computer resources.

2) if you can afford this, it is a good idea to restart the KTS service every night(when noone is using it). This will do two things:
- restart the daemon process, thus freeing any leaked resources(there are no leaks that I'm aware of, but one can never be sure)
- kill every running sessions, thus freeing the used resources.

3) If you plan to use it for more than 100 simultanous connections, you will probably hit some of the OS limitations.
There are currently two issues that I know of:
- There's a memory restriction -> The non-interactive desktop heap may run out of memory if many processes are created
- There's a socket restriction -> A Windows Sockets implementation may have a limit on the number of applications that can use it simultaneously

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