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AVG Antivirus considers shlex.exe as a trojan?
Nathan AVG Antivirus considers shlex.exe as a trojan?

I have been running the kpym telnet service for a year now without any major issues and for some reason last week my AVG Free v7.5 put the shlex.exe into the virus vault and determined it to be a Trojan horse Generic10.upg. What would the reason be and can it be resolved?

Kroum Grigorov
shlex.exe is definitely not a trojan.
The best you can do is to contact AVG support and request them to fix their virus definitions.
There is nothing that I can do to fix this.


Kroum Grigorov
There's a minor progress on this issue. One of the KTS users, Jenks Crayton said to me that this is the AVG heuristic analysis that is flagging the shlex.exe program.


Download AVG Anti-Virus 9 Free Edition . Follow the link




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