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compiling on vista
sr compiling on vista
I'm trying to compile the kpym source on vista with visual c++ 2008 express edition.

compiling shlex gave me some issues.

In main(), I had to add the typecasts.

sei.lpFile = (LPCWSTR)argv[1];
sei.lpParameters = (LPCWSTR)argv[2];

Now get a linker warning -
shlex.obj : error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol __imp__ShellExecuteExW@4 referenced in function _main

This seems to suggest that vista SP1 is needed.

I'm a little uncomfortable doing this just yet.
Would anyone have suggestions on how to get
past the linker error?


Kroum Grigorov
Check the shlex project link parameters.
It should link towards shell32.lib to resolve ShellExecuteExW


mnjrupp ShellExecuteExW@4
I was getting the same linker error under VC++ express 2005 running on server 2003.
I had shell32.lib listed under linker parameters,but the box "Inherit from parent or project defaults" is not checked by default.
I checked it and the linker error went away.


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