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ALT key not working
Wou Emmanuel ALT key not working
Inside a Telnet session.
When I run a DOS program such as

Can not call the Pull-down menu with ALT key
e.g. ALT-F for FIle Menu

How to correct this key mapping error?


Kroum Grigorov
Use Ctrl+A instead the ALT key.
ALT combos are not mapped as these are not part of the telnet protocol.


Wou Emmnauel ALT Key
Is it possible to map the Ctrl-A to ALT key?


Kroum Grigorov
It's already mapped.
Pressing Ctrl-A in the client will generate ALT on the host.
But note that pressing Ctrl-A-F will NOT generate ALT-F on the host because the telnet protocol does not specify what should be sent to the host when these keys are pressed together.


How can I unmap it? For my application i have no use for ALT and instead would like the '^A' character. I tried commenting out the lines in utf-8.ini (and restarting server):

; ctrl + a / alt
;input0 = "01"
;key0 = "FFFFFFFF 1 2 0 1 12 0 0 0 1 12"

but it still does not seem to send.

Kroum Grigorov
You have to remap this to CTRL+A
Replace the lines from the utf-8.ini with

input0 = "01"
key0 = "FFFFFFFF 1 8 0 1 11 1 8 1 1 41 0 8 1 1 41 0 0 0 1 11"

You can get the keyX mappings for keys/comboes through the [url=l0c41://]k_map.exe[/url] tool



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