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Cyrillic input
Pashkoff Cyrillic input
Are there any chances of adding cyrillic input into KpyM? Or maybe it's been already relized?

Kroum Grigorov
Yes, this is what you have to do.

1) Get the latest KTS 1.16
2) in telnet.ini file set
[KTelnet]:export_code_page = 65001
this will tell KTS to use UTF-8 as export code page
3) in the file KTS\scripts\allusers.bat change the line:
chcp 437
chcp 1251
this will tell the console that you want to use windows cyrilic code page.
4) you will need UTF-8 enabled client, parametered to accept the incoming characters as UTF-8.
This is how it looks in PuTTY

Now you should be able to type and read the basic cyrillic symbols


Thanks a lot! It works perfect now.

Just want to add that it will be better to set 866 as an input charset for those who'd like to use Golded or that kind of stuff. Thanks again.

Sorry my bed english.
Use set codepage 866 in kpym and CP866 in PuTTY

Sorry my bed english.
Use set codepage 866 in kpym and windows-1251 in PuTTY

Art BG
BG Thanks! It's work!

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