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KTS Plugin has stopped
AndrewPA KTS Plugin has stopped
Hi, Kroum!
I used your Plugin, and it worked perfectly, until I have installed ServicePacks on my Windows 2003 server.
I open icq window and put "dir", Enter and press ctrl+enter . I see response: [
No more. I tested :return:, :close: - no response.
When plugin worked normally, first response was: "KTS Plugin ..."
Please, help me, if you still support this plug-in.

Kroum, excuse me! After reinstall, kts worked normally!!!

Kroum Grigorov
That was what I would suggest.

Just for info, I'm no longer actively developing the KTS Miranda plugin.
The plugin project is rather unpopular so I'm concentrating on the KTS project and on few new projects that I'm working.
When I find some free time I will upload the plugin source on the site under some free license, in case someone is interested in further development of the plugin.

Thanks, Kroum.


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