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Background does not fully paint
Timothy DuFrene Background does not fully paint
I am testing a PsionTeklogix using their TekTerm terminal emulator connecting to KTS. It does not appear to be appropriately painting the background. The login starts with an all white background with black text. Once logged in, the background of new text is black with white text, but the background does not paint for the whole screen or even a complete line. Even CLS does not repaint the whole display, it only effects where text has been written. Is there a way to either start with a black background or fully paint the screen?

Kroum Grigorov
Is this Telnet session or SSH session ?


Timothy Dufrene response
This behavior has only been tested on SSH. I have not tried telnet.

Timothy DuFrene Telnet has same background issue
I tested with a telnet instead of ssh connection (same client). The only difference was the telnet did not scroll as the text was outputed to properly display the bottom of the screen, had to scroll to the bottom. Background had the same problem.

Kroum Grigorov
You can try this:
1) set
this will disable the scrollback buffer, so you should have the new lines painted over the old lines.

2) at the begining of the file "Program Files\KTS\scripts\allusers.bat" add 25 times something like this:
[code:1:85d04af631]echo .....................................
This should force KTS to repaint the whole screen upon successfull connection setting the right background color.


Timothy DuFrene That worked
The second option worked. Thanks


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