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How do I change the colour of the text when I telnet
Colours How do I change the colour of the text when I telnet
How do I change the colour of certain text when I telnet to my server?

in the dos prompt
put in "color[space][space]A"

or to pick your own color "color help"

then take the code and put in in the .bat file

or you could use ansi codes IN BAT FILES ONLY.

your welcome

topic started thanx

This sets the background and text colour of everythung but is there a way to set individual text like I have an ASCII banner shown after a user logs in how can I set colours for that?

I am seriously thinking about buying a licence for this llol

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What I've got it now thanks heaps your the best.

Kroum Grigorov
You can have a look at [url=l0c41://]windows power shell colors[/url] tool.

or as an alternative you could put a color change into the batch file with the echo off.
this seems easiest to me


color (set color)
color (set second color)
rest of stuff


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