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Chris Weis ssftp
When I use a program such as Filezilla to connect, I am unable to go outside the KpyM program directory. How can I get around this?

Also, the machine I am connecting to has multiple partitions, I'd like to see and transfer between these partitions (Drive letters) also.


Kroum Grigorov
You should be able to navigate up the directory tree by clicking the ".." folder.
You can access the partitions by entering "/d:/" in the FileZilla "remote site" text box.
Keep in mind that KTS will use the loged in user security, that means that if the user does not have enough rights to see a folder you can't see it through KTS either.

Besides, the current sftp implementation is rather buggy, I expect you to have even more problems transfering files.

There's a new KTS release coming within a couple of months that should finaly have a usable sftp implementation.


That is great news about the upcoming version! It will be perfect for my needs!

Thanks for the information about navigating the different partitions.

Now that you made my day, Will the registration transfer to the upcoming release as well?


Kroum Grigorov
> Will the registration transfer to the upcoming release as well?

Yes, your registration will be valid for every future KTS version.



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