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poland keyboard
Adam poland keyboard

How can i use a poland keyboard on KTS (central europe)?
Should I edit utf-8.ini.
Any example?


Kroum Grigorov
It's a bit complex and I'm not sure it will work on 100%.
Could you contact me at for more details.


Kroum Grigorov
After discussing the topic off the forum, here is what you have to do to have polish letters work in KTS:

1) set your client(putty) to use UTF-8 translation

2) set KTS to use utf-8 export code page
You do this by setting export_code_page = 65001 in \Program Files\KTS\telnet.ini file

3) replace the \Program Files\KTS\utf-8.ini file with this [url=l0c41://]one[/url]. There's added support for the polish specific letters.

4) restart KTS service
Now you should be able to use polish letters in KTS



f10 not working and ctrl+enter

shift+tab also not working


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