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Queenie telnet scripting tool
Hi everyone,

i wanted to know if there are any more commands aprat for WAIT, SEND and SLEEP in this telnet scripting tool.
Iam looking for commands to accept/store the output of my SEND command and also for a command having a conditional statement like if.

Pl let me know.



Kroum Grigorov
No, no more commands.
The scripting tool was more a proof of concept than finished product.
If anyone is interested in customizing it I can share the source, just contact me at


Flavio Hirata CONSC with Windows 98
Dear Mr.

I use Consc with windows Xp and itґs works fine, but not work in Windows 98. Consc does work with Windows 98 ?



Kroum Grigorov
No, consc needs NT based Windows to run properly.
It will NOT work on Windows 95/98/Me.


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