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Escape sequences
PBig Escape sequences
Hi Kroum,

Is there any way to send escape sequencies to the console?

I need to install soft-fonts onto my Axel terminals, but Console.Write and Win32 API does not support those.

Could you please consider that option (maybe as a start-up parameter)? Make it as a part of telnet.ini?


Kroum Grigorov
You can try using the client/server params in telnet.ini file


;;; server init
; "" -> iac will echo  iac do naws  iac will sgo
client0            =   ""
server0            =   "FF  FB   01    FF  FD 1F    FF  FB   03"

You can add your font init sequance at the end of the server0 key.

The client/server pairs are the telnet negotiation sequances that are sent to/from the client hex encoded, below you can find the responses to specific client requests.

client0 = "" stands for send the server0 param to the client when connected

client1="FF FB 1F" stends for if the client sends us "FF FB 1F"(iac will naws) respons with the server1 param


The request/response is however limitet to 1000 chars each, do you think it is enough for you ?



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